Monday, August 4, 2008

You Shouldn't Say It's Free if You're Going to Ask for Money...

Holy Hell, did you guys know it costs $76k for the neocons over at FREE Republic to keep their damn message board going? Wow, I thought they were supposed to be fiscal conservatives? It only costs me like maybe a tenspot and some change to maintain the Bureau. I just need enough to cover the box of wine and some GPCs. On the other hand, the freepers are Republican so they probably have a higher overhead for necessities like flag pins, gay hookers, blow, and hush money for the mothers of their illegitimate mulatto children.

The good news is that these patriotic freepers have raised around $70k so far for their summer "freepathon"! The bad news is that they're still $6k short and they are so desperately hungry for cash that they will say anything to get it. For example, let's take a look at one of their recent marketing things. It features the infamous cover of the New Yorker (photo above) that everyone is so fucking sick of looking at with the following ominous message:

Apparently, the New Yorker thinks that electing a pair of militant America-hating Marxist/leftist Islamic extremist revolutionaries (er, "freedom fighters") to the presidency would be a real funny joke. Ha ha! /sarc

What say you? Gonna sit there and let it happen?

Below the ad, an online donation form is conveniently located for your charitible giving pleasure. Because unless you want America to be ruled by Imam Barack and Nancy Pelosi in a burqa you must send your entire life savings to the Free Republic post haste! The courageous freepers are the only ones that can save us from the tyranny of these Communist Muslims. [Free Republic]

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Gregory Holman said...

Did you know your satirical post on Hilary Clinton's assassination plot has been flagged as Offensive by Blogger? This is some kind of milestone.

I clicked on the Gay for Obama Google Ad, btw. Nice tees.