Friday, August 15, 2008

The Good Christian Nature of Free Republic

On February 12th, fifteen year old Lawrence King was fatally shot by fellow classmate, fourteen year old Brandon McInerny. It was later discovered that King was openly gay and had asked McInerny to be his valentine, a fatal mistake the teenager would ultimately pay for with his young life.

Today, several media outlets reported that the parents of King are now planning to sue the school for failing to prevent the death of their son by allowing him to wear make-up which violated the school dress code, a legal maneuver that is sure to be controversial.

Speaking of controversial, let's take a look at a few of the kind words the mouthbreathing Christian "Defenders of our Constitution" over at Free Republic have to say about this murdered teenager. Since they're all so Jesus-y and what not, I'm quite sure they have some heartwarming pearls of wisdom to offer.

Neoliberalnot writes:
The crap-eaters have been emboldened and allowed to get away with this for the last decade. Imagine, being in physical education with these disgusting little creeps in the shower with the other boys.

Condor51 writes:
15 and in 8th Grade?!?
I think he was a bit more than 'emotionally troubled' (gay). He was stupid to boot.

Burkean writes:
When I was in school there was a clear line—girls were NOT allowed to wear slacks and boys never thought of wearing dresses. It all started going downhill when the girls started dressing like boys. Is it any surprise that the current trend is for boys to dress like girls?

Longtermmemmory[sic] writes:
did this school have a sex club in the form of GSA? (gay’ straight alliance club)

there is no “homosexual” child unless that child has been recruited by the monsters inside the teaching profession.

Chickensoup writes:
I hope the shooter’s parents sue the school for not protecting him from sexual abuse.

Lady Lawyer writes:
Actually, there was a lesbian school administrator who also encouraged the little pervert. She had an agenda.

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