Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Bullshit from the Greatest Nation on Earth

- "This country stands for nothing but bad loans, brute force and blind consumption." [AOL Political Machine]

- The Gay Agenda is in bed with the liberals over at MSNBC, but hey at least we don't have to listen to Dan Abrams for an entire hour anymore [Politico]

- The only thing crazier than a political internet commenter is a political internet commenter that plays Dungeons and Dragons [Boing Boing]

- Disgraced "journalist" Jeff Gannon is still pissed about that goddamn Helen Thomas getting a better seat than him in the pressroom [Jeff Gannon]

- Iraq war apologist David Brooks says McCain's sleazy campaign style is a result of the media's obsession with Barack Obama [New York Times]

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