Friday, February 27, 2009

Hillary Clinton Finally Gets Her Revenge on America

Last week, Sean Hannity's overweight ex-boyfriend Hal Turner penned a scathing weblog exposing the treasonous acts committed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her most recent trip to Red Communist China. Did you know she gave them eminent domain over America? Why Hillary, why?

Now, according to the exhaustive 3-5 minutes worth of research I've done on Google while getting high, I can't even figure out how a cabinet official could legally give another nation eminent domain over America, but hey, Hal Turner said it therefore it must be true. Just like this. And this.

Now, I know that people often totally disregard every utterance that originates from Hal Turner as meaningless drivel, due to the fact that he is a bloviating twat that can't even get a job as a war correspondent for Pajamas Media, but what if he's telling the truth this time?! OMG you guys, what if we're all secretly Chinese and we don't even know it?
[Hal Turner]

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Larry Sinclair Unveils Sexy Spring Fashions

World famous author and political provocateur, Larry Sinclair, has debuted a new line of men's panties (manties) for the obese and poorly endowed American male. Sources for bureau tell us that the line, tentatively titled Fruit of the Loin, will feature iron-on photos of mean people that said bad things about Larry and will be availabe in two signature colors: Cottage Cheese White or Pepsi Brown. They will also be constructed from a space age elastic originally developed by NASA that can stretch up to 160 times its normal size and is extremely stain resistant.
[Larry Sinclair]