Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ron Paul Followers Planning Primitive Forest Commune

Is your mother's basement starting to smell like bong water and unemployed middle-age balls?

Ever wish you could live in a crude shelter made of sticks and mud somewhere deep in the rural woods of America surrounded by fellow conspiracy enthusiasts?

Seeking a survivalist cult-like lifestyle to prepare for the Alien Lizard Freemasons coming from the planet Nibiru in 2012?

Yearning to be surrounded by (white) people that love liberty so much that they've gone all out batshit?

Well, look no further!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Paulville! No, not Paul Hills or Paul Springs or Paul Grove just Paulville. And, of course, Paulville will be spelled in all caps...

*** 5/17/08 UPDATE: It appears the idyllic vision of Paulville was shortlived. The site is no longer up and it's probably because of the New World Order. I just wanted to let everybody know.

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Gregory Holman said...

Hilarious fun as always. You need to get in touch with Steve and me before long!