Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Politicians: Just as Clueless as Real Americans

Certain conservative bloggers have started to notice that Barack HUSSEIN! Obama no longer has any idea what in the hell he's talking about. The other day, while in the charming hamlet of Sunrise, FL he greeted a crowd of Democrats whose crappy primary votes don't count for anything by repeatedly telling them how excited he was to be in Sunshine when the name of the stupid town is actually Sunrise. OMG he must've been really embarassed because then he called them all ugly cunts and laughed before running off the stage screaming Allahu Akbar and some other Muslim nonsense. Ha ha, just kidding.

Here are some other Obama gaffes that I really don't feel like talking about.

Seriously though, I think people need to just lay off Barry! He's been sleepy as all hell because every single night at 3am a phone in the White House rings and he must answer it before Hillary does or she will send Sirhan Sirhan to murder him and then she will become President! They inexplicably repeat this strange ritual every night even though Laura Bush is starting to get real sick of these two showing up in the middle of the night to use the phone.

But what about John McCain, huh? Surely that old bastard is off saying something crazy, so why isn't the blogosphere talking about that huh? Oh nevermind, McCain's not doing anything at all. He's got the goddamn Straight Talk Express parked in the driveway of his wife's sprawling Sedona mega-estate, all shacked up in the hot tub with Lindsey Graham while poor Cindy's pilled out in the house wishing John would just leave so the verbal abuse would stop.

I guess these gaffes really don't matter anyway since we've twice elected a man that speaks only in stuttering gaffes. But it's not nice to mention that because he suffers from a medical condition called George Bush, Jr. that causes his brain to be so rudimentary that it will never be capable of formulating a single thought that isn't completely incorrect on multiple levels.

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