Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Apologizes for Obama Assassination Plot

The evil robot known as Hillary Rodham Clinton was criticized Friday after a system error caused her to accidentally tell all seventeen of her elderly white supporters in South Dakota that she was going to murder Barack HUSSEIN! Obama the same way she murdered Bobby Kennedy back in '68!

Obama aides were quick to both denounce and reject the statement given this maniacal robot named Hillary Clinton's long history of pushing people out of windows or shooting them at point blank range and saying it was just an innocent little suicide.

This is not the first time Hillary's central processing unit has gotten her into trouble. In March, Clinton made headlines when she claimed she had dodged sniper fire in some country called Bosnia that we invaded back in the 90's. It was later discovered that it was actually the comedian Sinbad they had been shooting at, because his type of comedy is absolutely unbearable. Clinton attributed the gaffe to a "lack of sleep" which is robot street slang for needing to be defragged and rebooted.

So far, Obama himself has not responded to the comments because he knows in November he will become President of GOD DAMN AMERIKKKA and Hillary will have nothing but a crappy Senate seat and a bunch of ugly pantsuits. She will cry every day because Bill makes more money then her as the spokesperson for the National Rosacea Society. The tears will cause her to rust and then all her mechanisms will seize up and she will cease to exist. I know it seems sad, but all things must come to an end....just like this blog entry!

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