Thursday, November 1, 2007

The GOP Not-Gay Fuckfest Continues

Sigh. It just kind of becomes redundant after awhile, doesn't it? Just when you think you've heard the sleaziest story about some crusty Republican trying to score some cock, some even sleazier story comes to light. Then you're left sadly gimacing as the horrifying mental image burns itself into your mind...while shaking your head helplessly and thinking to yourself, "Oh, God no! Why? WHY!"

This time it was Washington state Rep. Richard Curtis... He got busted after having sex with a male prostitute he met while wearing women's lingerie in an erotic bookstore he was cruising. He was quick to point out repeatedly, however, that he is not gay. Whew! Well thank God! He's a crossing dressing closet freak that likes to troll porno shops in search of unprotected sex with young male hookers, but least he is not gay. What a huge fucking relief!

So far, he's yet to release a complete disclosure of bullshit excuses of what happened, but I'm sure we'll all get some canned denials answers pretty damn soon.

For the unfortunate details made slightly more bearable by Wonkette's comedic stylings, click here

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Crystal Clear said...

Gay republican slime buckets are a dime a dozen. Yawn. Tomorrow's story will only be sleazier.