Thursday, November 15, 2007

Haw Haw!

Here at the Bureau, it's no surprise that we hate that pantsuit wearing, devil with a vuh-jay-j Hillary Clinton. Ultimately though, our supreme hatred is reserved for the utterly comtemptible Nosferatu and 9/11 enthusiast, Rudy Motherfucking Giuliani!

Not just because he's a crossdressing, baby eating abortionist, but also because he has hideous vampire-like features and his stupid-ass accent is annoying as all hell. We're glad to see that the voters in Iowa seeem to share our abbhorence of such a nefarious creature.

Check out this lovely picture of Rudy while campaigning in Iowa (click the photo to enlarge). Yes, Rudy looks just as evil as ever and yes, the wallpaper behind him is ridiculously distateful, but take a look at the sign on the lamp. Who knew those crafty Iowans could make a photo-op so ironic?

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