Friday, November 16, 2007

Inter-Bureau Memorandum

To: All Bureau Personnel
From: Secretary of Information
Re: Mormonism Awareness Week
CC: LDS Cult Leaders, Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, The Osmonds

I know everyone is hungover from the pathetic Democratic debate we were all forced to endure last night, but I wanted to remind everyone about next weeks theme: Mormonism Awareness Week. Please tailor your posts accordingly.

There should be plenty of topics to cover...anything that supports the fact that Utah is owned by a bunch of creepy, racist, lily white, kid fucking, bike riding, polygamist, astrology cult people! And don't forget that they're all a bunch of door knockers that bug the shit out of people just before they recruit and brainwash them. Oh yeah, and their unnatural obsession with genealogy!

Those lacking in creative ability or anything that doesn't sufficiently malign Mormons are permitted to substitute with YouTube clips.

Kind Regards,
The Secretary of Information

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