Friday, October 26, 2007

OMG Laura Bush is a Terrorist!

Today's the last day of Islamofascism Awareness Week and everyone is devastated that it's over so quickly. For one whole week businesses shut down, schools closed their doors, and families came together to learn all about stoning harlots, beheading infidels, inconveniently praying five damn times a day, and blowing everybody the hell up...all in the name of primitive moon gods called the Allahs!!!

First lady Laura Bush decided to be a real bitch and show everybody up by flying to the Holy Land... most likely to convert to Islam. In this picture, Laura's Muslim handmaiden (concubine) is teaching her how to look less trampy by putting on a hijab! Some in America hope Laura decides to opt for the full body burqa, perhaps in a flag motif as a show of patriotism.

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