Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton is a Hateful, Racist Murderer

Exhibit A: She's a Ghandi-hating racist! Yeah, I know. I was shocked too when I found out, but it's a verifiable fact. Not only does she hate Ghandi, but she thinks all Indians own convenience stores. Can you believe that?

It is despicable for someone in her position to make an ignorant generalization against an entire race even if they do smell bad. Still, that is no excuse. Besides, not all Indians own convenience stores, okay Hillary! Some of them drive cabs... so whatever.

Exhibit B: She's a murderer. And I mean MURDERER! She's killed over forty-seven people!!! Her preferred methods are a nice quick bullet to the head or casually pushing people out of windows, but some of her more disturbing methods include:

  • Keith McMaskle - stabbed 113 times

  • James Milan - decapitated

  • James Wilson - hanged

  • Kevin Ives and Don Henry - fell asleep on railroad tracks (yeah right!)

Here's a link to all of her victims, but if you end up mysteriously dead after looking at the list, don't blame me.

So, In summary....Hillary Clinton: Hates Ghandi, Murders People, Bad for America

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