Friday, October 5, 2007

The State Department Has a Blog?

Was anyone else aware of this? OMG! Neither was I! Anyway, it's called DIPNOTE which is D.C. street slang for "diplomatic note". A diplomatic note is simply a note that ambassadors send to foreign ministers to negotiate bribes, arrange assassinations, and find hookers. It's not to be confused with DIPSHIT which is white people slang for "a person thought of as being contemptible" which they would never use because it's offensive and too close to the truth considering who's writing it.

This is a great place to hear governmenty stuff without the pesky annoyance of having to hear it spewed from Condi or Dana Perino's venomous, harpy lips. Plus, now all you whining bitch-ass liberals out there finally have an official place to leave snarky comments that no one except other whining bitch-ass liberals will bother to read.

I'm not sure what made Sean McCormack decide that it was such a great idea to start a blog, but I have a feeling that when a certain stern, black, lesbian Secretary of State finds out she's probably going to be pretty pissed off about it.

Here's the official DIPLINK

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Crystal Clear said...

That means you got 15 more years to go before you start looking like an "albino lizard":)
Ne way I'd love to know what you think of Ron Paul's political philosophies. Imagine no IRS, FEMA, Department of Education, Homeland security, Federal reserve! I tell you this man is hilarious, but I think he says a lot of valid stuff. I think even tho he's only masquerading as a republican he's the best thing they have.