Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jeff Gannon: Memoirs of a Gay

Mildly retarded homofascist Jeff Gannon evidently wrote down a bunch of words and called it a book. Oddly, it somehow got published. Even more odd is the fact that someone read it. Then a journalist wrote an article about it. Now I'm writing a blog about it. And you are reading it! When the hell is all this madness going to stop?

Anyway, I'll never read it, because I have more important things to do like bite my toenails or trim my nose hair. So I guess it's a good thing that some journalist summarized the wordy pamphlet. Apparently, Jeff is still mad at everybody for making fun of him for being a gay hooker and he hates real journalists and cunts like Helen Thomas, because they all got way better seats than him at press corps events even though he was the one that had to assfuck Scott McClellan and Karl Rove.

I could probably write more stuff but I really don't feel like it because I just noticed that Ann Coulter has started saying crazy shit yet again. So. Um. Later

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