Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dominionists for Tancredo '08

Somewhere in the wilds of red state America, some completely crazy fundamentalist has been chosen by God to receive some, um, strange revelations which he has chosen to reveal to the world through his blog.

First off, God wants Tom Tancredo to become the next President. I don't really know why. Probably because God hates all Mexicans, which everyone all ready knew anyway. What's startling is some of the other revelations.

Like... Did you know that when Ron Paul loses the election he's going to buy Manitoba from Canada and start his own country? Maybe you also didn't know that Sam Brownback was going to "throw in the towel" and endorse Tancredo because of something to do with Mexican rape squads. Another thing you probably didn't know is that "pretzel eating Bavarians" are aiding Ron Paul in exchange for him naming his new country South Bavariastan?

Well, now you know.

You're welcome.

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Hipple, Rev. Paul T. said...

I'm afraid I've not clearly indicated what will happen.

If Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is elected President, he will rename the Dakotas to North and South Bavaristan, as a way of paying back the pretzel munching hun.

Of course, he doesn't have a chance of winning the election, so in that case he will use his enormous campaign contributions to buy Manitoba to provide sanctuary for his followers.

It will be renamed to Paulitoba, but I'm not sure on that one, since the vision was sort of coming in and out as because my hound was barking outside, probably at a possum.