Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anderson Cooper: Princess in Peril

Last night on CNN, boisterously homosexual Anderson Cooper went prancing around a bunch of third world countries to bring awareness to CNN's Planet in Peril...oh, and global warming...whatever . He teamed up with wildlife biologist and fellow tight shirt enthusiast, Jeff Corwin, to highlight just how much selfish westerners are ruining the whole goddamn planet.

Poor Miss Cooper was forced to flounce through dingy Thai marketplaces and was visibly sulking as he rode down some jungle river in a canoe paddled by his "knight in shining Baby Gap tee", Jeff Corwin. All that dirty work paid off though, Planet in Peril debuted to better than expected ratings and CNN decided to air the full episode despite the California wildfires, where coincidentally Anderson was also on location... flaming away like the rest of the wildfire.

For more info about the chronicles of our dying planet as narrated by a pastey homo, click here!

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