Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to DC, You're Under Arrest

Gay extortionist Larry Sinclair went to the National Press Club and all he got was this lousy jail cell. [Reason]

Militant Detroit Islamofascists not allowed to sit behind podium at Obama rally because they weren't wearing a flag pin. [NY Times]

Republicans will have a much easier time voting for McCain if they wear this extremely clever button with a witty slogan written in Impact font. []

Michelle Malkin really wishes the Associated Press would pay their goddamn bills. [Michelle Malkin]

Elderly lesbian sinners finally allowed to wed after half a century together. I think we all know it will never last. [NOW]


Paul Day said...

C'mon! Give their due! They set it up and have worked like hell to make this happen

Agent Sparks said...

I chose to link to the Reason article because it provided a much more concise summary of the Sinclair fiasco.