Friday, June 27, 2008

Jesus, Jews, God, Gays, and Guns

Members of the Westboro Baptist Synagogue plan to accost gays before jaunting off to their summer homes in Boca Raton. []

Both of America's most devout Christian Senators re-introduce legislation to preserve the sanctity of drive-thru Vegas weddings and mail order Russian brides. [Southern Voice]

Oh, and Michelle HUSSEIN! Obama is pretty much a total fag-hag. []

The Gay Patriot is okay with killing off the Muslims, because they're all just a bunch of homophobes anyway. []

The best way to prevent "anti-gay violence" is by blowing the fucking heads off of those who would commit "anti-gay violence". [Log Cabin Republicans]

Well, if you didn't want your damn church all gayed up then you probably shouldn't have named it St. Joan of Arc's! [Associated Press]

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