Tuesday, June 24, 2008

James Dobson is a Joyless Prick

James Dobson is the founder of a very sensible group of Christian fanatics called Focus on the Family that describes itself as "dedicated to nurturing and defending families worldwide" and also promotes the genital electrocution of homosexuals as a means of curing them of their unholy craving for the buttsecks. Just for fun, they also broadcast a nice Christian radio program for the simple reason that Americans absolutely love listening to gravelly old Evangelicals barking about the Rapture on teh AM frequencies.

Dobson has often been deemed "controversial" by the mainstream media because of his constant overuse of panstick caked on his gnarled face and because everything he says is really fucking stupid. Just months ago, he made headlines when he stated that he would never vote for Old Balls McCain because McCain is a secret liberal. This is just one of the critical statements he has made that for some reason the media felt obligated to report to the world because it is so very relevant to whatever.

Yesterday, Dobson kicked off his Monday by freaking out about a speech that Martini Barack made to a group of country club elitists (Democrats) way back in the year 2006. He said he certainly doesn't appreciate Obama's "fruitcake" interpretation of the Constitution during that speech, because Obama said he didn't know if America should be governed in accordance with Al Sharpton's Black Race Riot Bible or Dobson's own Angry White Asshole Bible. Barack also implied that Baby Jesus would abolish the Department of Defense and that everything in the Old Testament is a steaming pile of racist illogical bullshit.

Now Dobson is threatening to not vote at all in the Presidential election as some sort of punishment to both political parties for not ponying up a candidate that would directly pander to him and his merry band of fucked up Jesus nutters concerned Christians and somehow this strategic non-voting action of inaction will save the world, because of God. Amen. [ NPR ]

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