Thursday, June 19, 2008

Larry Sinclair Imprisoned by Obama Operatives

Has your day been kinda sucky? That's all right, so has poor Larry Sinclair's, because he has been imprisoned forever! In Delaware for crissakes!

I hope Sinclair's jailers are aware that he requires a "special needs" diet of banana nut bread and rock hard cock in order to survive. But anyway....

It all started yesterday when this patriot Mr. Sinclair got all up in the National Press Club's face to warn America about the dangers of voting for cocaine-loving blowjob enthusiasts named Barack HUSSEIN! Obama. Meanwhile, a despicable plot was being hatched by something called a Mitch and Nan Show to silence Citizen Sinclair from spreading his salacious message of truth to the whole stupid world.

Apparently, these "paid Obama-bots" were able to have Sinclair arrested because of some obscure loophole in Delaware law that says you cannot file a stolen vehicle claim on a crappy Korean car that hasn't actually been, you know, stolen. I know, it's totally a technicality.

The Bureau of Mockery would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to these mysterious Mitch and Nanners of the Obama campaign for proving that no matter how large your fake attorney says his penis is, American Justice will always prevail! [The Mitch and Nan Show]


Mitch and Nan said...

Thanks for the mention. We love your blog!

Mitch and Nan

John Freeman said...

Obama makes me chuckle every time he tries to claim we are paid Obama bloggers.