Friday, September 7, 2007

George Bush: Still a Dumbfuck

I'm starting to feel a little sad for The Decider(even though he's a mass murdering redneck). He's gotta know he blows at public speaking. Yet, he does it anway. By now his poor speechwriters have probably just resigned themselves to words with as few syllables as possible and just given the rest to God, knowing that Junior is just going to fuck it all up anyway before going down in a blaze of failed metaphors and stuttering idiocy.

Well, it's happened again...This time it was at the APEC forum in Sydney, Australia. He only got three sentences into his speech before the stupid started pouring out. Here's the rundown:

  • The Decider thanked the Australian Prime Minister for inviting him to the OPEC Summit.....but it's APEC, OPEC is entirely different
  • Then tried to correct himself by saying the Australian PM had invited him to the OPEC Summit next year....again incorrect, since neither the US or Australia are OPEC members
  • Proudly thanked Australia for sending its Austrian troops to Iraq...sigh
  • Almost blindly walked off of a "steep drop" as he wandered aimlessly around the stage looking for an exit.

Strangely, there was no applause until The Decider actually exited the stage. Thank god this happened in Australia where everyone's drunk and will soon forget this ever happened.

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Crystal Clear said...

Nothing screwed up this man does surprises me. When he makes a complete and total fool out of himself (and consequently the US), I can do nothing but shake my head and/or laugh. In all honesty, I’ve run out of insults for him. I loved the sarcastic and witty way that this clip lambasted his idiocy, but he’s such a buffoon that he doesn’t really need any help being made light of. I also think that like most elections, this upcoming presidential election is getting a lot of hype--unnecessarily so because no matter who you vote for (republican, democrat, ameba or lampshade) he/she/it CANNOT do any worse that this man or his administration. “The Decider” has truly set the bar as low as it can possibly get.