Thursday, September 27, 2007

Duncan Hunter is a Shit Sack

What makes Duncan Hunter think he has a chance in hell of winning the Republican presidential nomination? I have no idea. Another valid question you might ask is...Who the hell is Duncan Hunter? And that's an entirely valid question, because most people either have no clue who he is or they know him and subsequently hate his guts.

Duncan Hunter is a lazy Republican Senator that only shows up to vote about 2/3 of the time or just whenever he feels like it. He was also a member of the appropriations committee that sent everybody's kids to war with nothing but a gun, not bothering to provide them with body armor or explosive resistant vehicles. Plus his hair really sucks and everything he says is either incorrect, a lie, or totally irellevant.

Here's a few examples of Hunter's stupid-assery just from the black debate on PBS last night:

  • Hunter totally dodged a question on the racial inequalities of the justice system by encouraging black people to join the military and go to war

  • Stammered when the moderator told him he didn't answer the question and still couldn't manage to come up with a decent answer

  • He proudly kept repeating the word "barrio" to try to connect with the mostly black audience...because he doesn't know the difference between black Americans and Hispanics.

Duncan Hunter is someone I write about so that later in life I can look back on my blog and say, "Who the hell was that guy and why was I writing about him?"? Oh, and don't even get me started on "Family Values" Brownback and his Gomer Pyle-like voice.

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Crystal Clear said...

Ha. Here's another clown for you to write about; Allen Keyes is running for president. What do you think about that looser?