Thursday, September 6, 2007

Don't Even Bother '08

Well yawn, that was two hours of my life that I'll never get back. Rudy looked like a raccoon due to overuse of concealer and obviously Mitt Romney has someone on the payroll who is in charge of keeping him spray tanned. He almost looked Mexican....which is really not a good thing for a Republican.

The only remarkable thing of the night was Ron Paul taking on Yuck-Yuckabee with regard to the stupidity in Iraq. Huckabee said some shit. Ron Paul said some shit back. Paul made the most sense, so accordingly.....Fox did all they could to completely ignore him. Sean Hannity got bitchy when America didn't play along and gave Paul the clear lead with 33% of the vote in the text message poll.

Brownback seemed kinda faggotty and said "family values" repeatedly after throwing Larry Craig under the bus....which means you probably wanna steer clear of Miss Nancy-Pants Brownback anytime you see her near a public restroom.

Nobody really cares who you vote for in 08 anyway, because God and the media have all ready pre-ordained Hillary the Anti-Christ as our next ruler. The sooner everyone realizes this the easier it will be. So just save yourself some gas money and the embarassment of telling your friends that you tried to prevent all this Armageddon nonsense by casting you stupid vote for Yuck-Yuckabee.

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