Wednesday, October 22, 2008

West Plains and Some Other Things

Oh gawd, more news from the wretched hellscape of West Plains! This time some fancy racist in a suit and glasses committed battery against an innocent brown liberal. I suspect this bully was actually a Democratic plant, possibly an elitist from Manhattan, because people in West Plains do not own "suits". They don't even sell "suits" down at the West Plains Supercenter.

The citizens of West Plains are relegated to nothing but overalls, sweat/stretch pants, or ill fitting Rustler jeans. These are their only options. They also don't wear highfalutin city glasses. That's right, if you live in West Plains and your eyesight sucks then you have to go out to the woodshed and make your own crappy handheld monocle out of an old pickle jar and a wire hanger. If that doesn't work then you're just supposed to squint, like a real American! [Springfield News-Leader]

Also, here is my brand new favorite website, because it doesn't require you to fuss over specific news topics for longer than about 45 seconds. [The Daily Beast]

And please bitch, check the slideshow. You know Sarah Palin looks good, so fuck all y'all. [Huffington Post]

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