Monday, July 14, 2008

Letters From the Heart

America's sweetheart, little Annie Coulter, recently penned a very nice tribute to the memory of dead racist fuckbag Jesse Helms. And boy, was it ever a tear jerker. It was almost as touching as that time Ann said all the widows of 9/11 were just a bunch of fame whores.

Ann kicked off her eulogy by calling Helms one of the Great American Patriots. She then artfully trumpeted the soft-heartedness of Helms - from the fact that he actually let black people work for him to the fact that he even let his wife keep a mentally challenged orphan as a pet.

Coulter also wanted to let all you New York Times latte-sippers know that Jesse Helms was not the repugnant bigot that his words and actions portrayed him to be, thank you very much! He was simply against "movements", that's all.

If you're not too busy washing your hair or biting your toenails, you should totally read this noteworthy piece of um, work. [ Ann Coulter ]

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