Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey Lady, Look at My Weiner!

Today, Colorado State Rep. Michael Garcia resigned after an unnamed lobbyist accused Garcia of propositioning her at a fundraiser by pulling out "Lil Mikey" and saying, "Wouldn't this look good inside you?". Priceless!

The lobbyist also said, "He just walked around the pool table and unzipped his pants and pulled everything out" Ha! Ha! Ha! And here I thought Republicans were the only ones victimizing citizens with their little dicks.

Well anyway, I guess the mean, frigid lobbyist shrew decided it actually wasn't all that tempting because instead of taking him up on his offer she filed a formal complaint. She said that she felt compelled to file the complaint after learning that Garcia had at least "four similar allegations over the last seven years".

Four similar allegations? Seriously? Now, I'm certainly not a scientist, but how many motherfucking times do you really have to horrify women with the sight of your obviously unimpressive prick before a moment of clarity kicks in and you start to realize that maybe, just maybe, you're the only one interested in looking at it? Hey, you know, I'm just saying...[Denver Post]

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