Thursday, February 7, 2008

Black People Hate Al Sharpton Too

Today, a communist propaganda leaflet called "New York Times" reported that Charles Barkley will finally run for governor of the dentally-challenged Alabama Commonwealth. Hooray!

He also stated that he would not seek endorsements from Jesse "I hate Himeytown Jews" Jackson or Rev. Al "motherfucking race riot" Sharpton. Barkley explained his lack of pandering by saying he "doesn't believe in them" which I'm assuming is either because they're pompous black assholes or maybe he just doesn't like trolling for media whore endorsements. Hey, I'm just speculating.

I'm also going to assume that Mr. Barkley is planning to run on some strange third party ticket, because he said, "Sometimes the race card is needed but not in every situation. We have to hold blacks more accountable for their actions". Wha??? Such a bold statement is not something a Democrat would say, because well, we all know who they pander to for votes whereas Republicans are whitebread KKK racists that don't allow non-whites in their big gay! gay! GAYYY!!! tent.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. I actually didn't know that Alabama was able to afford a governor. Is it Charles Barkley that Frank Caliendo is impersonating in that one commercial where he says "turrible knucklehead"? And don't even get me started on Alabama! My Xanax is kicking in...

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Crystal Clear said...

AWWW Shannon I feel special. I still read your blog and yes we can still be friends even if I disagree with some of the things you say (or the particularly profane way with which you express them). I've not blogged in a while cuz i've been pretty busy/tired/stressed and I don't drink or have any Xanax on hand to help me out. Feel free to send a bottle up to Baltimore, I could use some.

P.S. Not all Christians are conservative nut jobs with dreams of world domination. At least I'm not any way.