Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One Way or Another, Iran's Gonna Get It

- You know how we've all been told that Iran is all nuke-ular and what not? Well, it turns out that might have been total bullshit.

- Even though the government now says Iran poses no threat, President Bush would like to remind everyone that Iran poses a threat?

- Oh, and Israel is pissed!

- Also, more completely asinine details about the Dem-olester are coming to the "media's" attention....something about janky sweater parties and kidfucking. This whole story would have been way cooler on Dateline NBC!

- Rich Christian assholes can't be bothered with trivial Senate inquiries.

- Speaking of Christians, Bill Keller is still being a dick.

- And last but not least... The Jews are still evil!

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