Monday, December 10, 2007

The Negroes Certainly are Making a Fuss Lately

  • Wayward sorceress Oprah Winfrey has been fanning the flames of Hell by campaigning for the Islamic terrorist, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. I pray for her every 45-50 minutess.

  • Why do blacks want to make the precious baby Jesus cry by celebrating the fake holiday of Kwanzaa?

  • Does slap-happy Cynthia McKinney not know that we all ready have at least one certifiably crazy black person running for President?

  • Michael Vick is in a heap of trouble for dogfighting. I hope they don't have a law about rooster's fighting or our Ladies Auxiliary Club may have some explaining to do over certain fundraisers...

  • In other news, Satan may have cursed us with foreclosures, but the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost have graced us with home prices at an all time low!

  • Also, has a snappy new flash design on their site. Extreme evangelism never looked so thoughtfully designed!