Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hero of the Week: Jon Soltz

Jon Soltz is the Chairman of, an organization dedicated to ending the war in Iraq and refocusing our military efforts on bin Laden. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding politics in Iraq and regularly speaks out on the incompetency of the Bush Administration. He is an Iraq war veteran and also fought in Kosovo under the Clinton Administration. Here are a few of the notable achievements of Jon Soltz:
  • Told punk bitch Rep. Brian Baird earlier this week in a very composed tone that Baird's trip to Iraq was nothing more than a "dog and pony show"

  • Chided Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson on Hardball for his "cheerleader tour" in Iraq
  • Called out failed presidential candidate Duncan Hunter for the pencil pushing liar he is on Hannity & Colmes and frustrated Hannity to the point that he had to go to break

  • Said war supporter Joe Lieberman spent the Vietnam years in law school and made fun of him for wearing fake Oakley's on his photo-op trip to Iraq

Here are few other unconfirmed, but interesting facts about Jon Soltz....

Jon Soltz can do more pushups than you. He doesn't sleep or blink. Jon Soltz can control you with the power of his mind.

Jon Soltz was once worshipped as a god by primitive tribespeople in the Amazon. He can also fly. Jon Soltz knows who really killed Kennedy. He can say fuck you in every language.

Jon Soltz can eat with his toes...using chopsticks. He can drive with his eyes closed. Jon Soltz is better in bed than you. His dick is also way bigger than yours.

Jon Soltz invented the martini. He is the one officially responsible for bringing sexy back. Jon Soltz is not a comptetive eater, but if he were, he would be the world champion.

[For more Jon Soltz, check out his blog at Huffington Post]

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