Saturday, January 31, 2009

Claire McCaskill Tells Greedy CEOs to Suck a Fat Nut

Yesterday, a very out of touch and illogical Sen. Claire McCaskill introduced legislation to cap executive salaries at $400k for any companies receiving federal bailout funds. Jesus Christ, Claire, what are you thinking? Only $400k? A year? This is unconscionable. How do you expect Park Avenue Aristocracy to survive on a measly-ass $400k? That won't even cover the monthly payments on their villa in St. Barts!

If this wreckless legislation passes it will have a devastating and widespread effect on the American economy. Korean dry cleaners will go out of business. Bentleys will be repossessed. Three star Michelin restaurants will be forced to close. Manhattan will literally devolve into a tent city filled with nothing but rats, lepers, and Rudy Giuliani!!!

Please send Sen. McCaskill an urgent email asking her to abandon this senseless legislation. Let her know that this is America and we won't stand for a government that victimizes innocent multi-millionaires just because they accidentally ran an entire corporation into the ground.

[The Hindu]

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B said...

No... You're being an alarmist! They'll just get around the cap by increasing their bonuses by millions of dollars,thank goodness. Don't you worry, Park Avenue will continue as a haven for emaciated trophy wives, ugly little sleeve dogs, and morally vacant trust fund babies. See? Free-market capitalism works! Really, really well!