Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, what a great Thursday it's turning out to be! Today the government said they're planning to give back some of the money they've been stealing from us! Woo Hoo!

They were so generous that they're even going to give money to all the lazy poor people that are way too busy cranking out welfare babies to actually get jobs. Thanks Nancy! You and George certainly are givers.

I am so excited about all this. When my rebate check gets here in probably like mid-July I'll have almost enough money to pay for my bankrupcy lawyer! Wow, America really is the land of opportunity.


Hipple, Rev. Paul T. said...

While Rep. Tom Tancredo is certainly NOT a supporter of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, he gives Dr. Rep Ron Paul some credit for his much more clever proposal than a tax rebate to fix the US economic recession.

Republican candidate Dr. Rep Ron Paul proposes to make a law that forces the Federal Reserve to televise ALL of its meetings.

Of course, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is a fatally flawed candidate because Jesus the Christ is uninterested in his Candidacy and Endorses Rep. Tom Tancredo, instead.

Still. I'm just saying...

You can find details on my award winning interblog.

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Big Gay Vince said...

I see you're really serious with the comments thing--you deleted someone's comment. I'm just here to tell you the new look is GRRREAT!