Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: New Hampshire Still Filled with Assholes

The homicidal, communist robot known as Hillary Clinton stunned the nation yesterday when she convinced all the Newhampshires to come out and cast their really important votes for her in the stupid ass primary. I would like to personally thank New Hampshire for proving that civic democracy is really only ideal when the citizens of said democracy aren't a bunch of short bus fucktards.

However, in an effort to remain objective, I think it's only fair to congratulate the Clinton camp on their brilliant political strategy. In fact, just after losing Iowa to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, programmers for the Clinton robot secretly upgraded their candidate with a complex code that overrode her smirking mechanism with a program that activated her emotion simulators. Bravo evil Clinton robot feeling-makers! I mean, with all the wires hidden under that bulky pantsuit she seemed almost eerily fucking humanoid!

And to think that New Hampshire fell for it! Haw Haw Haw! Anyway, thank God the Illuminati/Freemasons gave us an Electoral College, so none of these pointless, silly vote-thingies really matter anyway.

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Crystal Clear said...

Turn out your boy Ron Paul hates gays and blacks. I really liked him to and I am so disappointed in him.
When will this kind of thinking end?