Monday, January 21, 2008

For the Record, We Are Pro-Megan

There comes a time in a man's life - a superficial, whorey, pessimistic, gay MAN'S LIFE - when one must finally take a stand. And that stand, my friends, is against "the man" and a "funny lady".

Just what in the fuck are you talking about one might ask? Well, dear reader(s)....I'm talking about the heinous pricks over at Wonkette abruptly firing editor Megan Carpentier (don't worry, we still don't know how the hell to pronounce her last name either)

Now, awhile back John Clarke, Jr. left abruptly which was unfortunate since his humor was fucking out of this world hysterical. This blow to political satire, although devastating, was still manageable because Wonketeers like myself still had our beloved Megan to fall back on. Sadly, thanks to the insufferable fuck stain known as Ken Motherfucking Layne, this is no more.

Yes, Megan is gone from Wonkette. No more intimate Sarkozy chats. No more lovelorn John Edwards posts. Nothing! Today, when I logged on to Wonkette out of boredom it seemed nothing short of laborious. There was no love behind it. It was like trying to fuck the lifeless corpse of your favorite booty call (not that I've ever tried that) was familiar, but the passion was gone.

I'll end it here, because I've had a little too much red wine and I feel like playing Guitar Hero while smoking weed (because that's how I roll!). BUT, I swear to God, Allah, Vishnu, and all the rest of them.... Megan Carpentier will not go gently into that good night!!!


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Nabisco said...

Peace, love and understanding from the frontlines


litotes said...

Thanks for spreading the word.

(I second all your thoughts except drinking Duval and playing dj hero is how I roll...)

- litotes, Pvt 1st Class HFA

The Grza said...

Your taste is gross. Jr. and the Carp were terrible, good riddance.

Agent Sparks said...

@ the grza...

thank you for the wonderful comment. your mother is a shit-eating whore.

Opiwan said...

It's pronounced this way:

Car pen tee ay

Pretend you're a Canucker and it makes more sense. Nice goal, eh?

/hockey joke on a gay blog

rickushay said...

Thanks for the coverage. Be sure to join us at HQ to toast the Beaver.

Major Rickushay
HFA Special Ops
Breeder Brigade