Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ann Coulter Gets Owned

Ann Coulter is the biggest cunt in the whole universe. Ann Coulter is a moldy fuck stain with a degree from Cornell. Ann Coulter is Satan in a cheap, shitty dress. OK, deep breath... Ann Coulter is often characterized by her outspoken political rhetoric against those she perceives as liberal.

This week on Hardball an unsuspecting Ann was given the smackdown by cancer victim/rich bitch/campaign cash juggernaut Elizabeth Edwards. Ann was taking phone calls from viewers when a very polite and composed Lizzy called in to ask Ann to please stop clouding the political waters with insults and irrelevant ramblings.

The noticeably irritated Coulter then blathered on about being silenced by the wife of a presidential candidate before turning into a giant lizard (her true form) and slithering away. Elizabeth Edwards demurely disconnected the line to return to her mint julep, her mansion, and her multi-millionaire husband.

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