Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin's Horrible New Fan

So I'm watching this focus group discussion on Sarah Palin. It seems to be going well except several of the women are extremely sexist against working mothers, but other than that it is an honest discussion from a spectrum of independent voters.

Then about five minutes into the clip things go south when some frumpy hosebeast gleefully tells everyone she's voting for McCain because Sarah Palin seems to have a lot of energy. I immediately hate this terrible voter for burdening the Earth with her excessive stupidity. She is easy to loathe because she embodies the perfect mixture of pride and willful ignorance.

Not to generalize, but I think we all know this tragic soul . Her drink of choice is Zima. If she's feeling extra sassy she'll put on her favorite Shania Twain CD and toss back a couple shots of Arbor Mist with a Crystal Light chaser . On the weekends, for fun, she likes to get up bright and early so she can can scan the morning paper for yard sales and then read the Cathy comic before rushing out the door in her Crocs. Her closest friends are her two cats, Cagney and Lacey. Every time there's a family dinner you can expect this bitch to show up with some god awful Jello/Cool Whip/multi-colored marshmallow nightmare.

She is empty on the inside and so she fills that void with commemorative plates and QVC jewelry. When no one is watching she secretly cuts her Beanie Babies and then sobs into her wretched scrapbooks. She is everything that is wrong with America and her fat ass is most likely crammed into a Kia Rio in the drive-thru at the nearest Dairy Queen right now(she refuses to patronize McDonald's after she found out they support the Gay Agenda).

If you would like to view this heinous creature spouting off her meaningless opinions just click the link I have provided for your convenience. She makes her grand appearance at 5mins 20seconds. Enjoy! -[YouTube]


Kris said...

My Lord... it was like some sort of AA meeting gone horribly awry.

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