Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gay Smear Merchant Censors Michelle Malkin

Did you guys know that there is a lady that writes books about prison camps and types out fun conservative notions all day long on her internet weblog? Well there is! Her name is Michelle Malkin. She is very important and also Filipino. She's the reason I started this post with a big run-on sentence!

This lady named Michelle sometimes gets to talk on TV shows. She goes on those news programs where everyone yells and then blames liberals. She also has a Cafe Press store where she sells crappy t-shirts and coffee mugs. Well, I mean she had a store at Cafe Press until those pinko commies started being mean and not letting her sell things that portrayed Barack HUSSEIN! HUSSEIN! HUSSEIN! Obama as an arugula-loving black Muslim.

This is so not fair to do to that poor Malkin lady! She seemed very mad on her weblog and is going to open another store so angry white people can continue to buy whatever it is she plans on selling. She is also upset with Cafe Press because they sell Bottoms for Obama stickers!

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